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Welcome to our sod farm! 

We grow Bermuda, Fescue, and Zoysia turf grass in partnership with our family company, Top Turf Sod Farm. We also sell Fescue seed for DIY folks. We offer estimates, installation, and delivery of our sod, and have experience working with home & business owners, public organizations, and contractors.

    Bermuda (Brand: Tifway 419)

 This grass is an improved Bermuda hybrid with  excellent wear tolerance, making it a  great choice for high traffic areas and heavy use conditions. Robust and durable, this  grass tolerates a lot of sun and tends to withstand heat and drought. During winter it  becomes dormant.  Price: $1.80 square yard or $90 pallet/$45 roll 


Fescue (Brand: Rebel Exceda Fescue with Kentucky Bluegrass)

     Scientifically developed to grow darker, greener and denser than other brands,         this  hybrid has the best qualities of both types of turf. Fescue is ideal for               shaded areas  with regular  water maintenance. It does not go dormant in                 winter, so it stays  green year round. Price: $1.80 square yard/ $90 pallet/ $45       roll 


Zoysia (Brand: Emerald)

      The Cadillac of lawn grasses, this grass is extremely dense, fine-textured,  soft       to  the touch, and emerald green in color. Zoysia is a high-maintenance grass,       is slow  growing, and goes dormant in the winter. Price: $ 175 pallet / $90           half pallet (38  sq yd/ pallet)      

Fescue seed - $2.00 lb       

We offer estimates, delivery, and grass installation. 

Delivery and installation fees are determined by location, accessibility, and terrain.


One pallet = two rolls = 50 square yards = 450 square feet

... Do you know what kind of sod you need? Do you know or care about the difference between types? Have you figured out how much you will need? ... If you're looking for this kind of info, or want to know more about our grass, we encourage you to check out the Frequent Questions Page of our family company, Top Turf Sod Farm